Martín Lombardo


OrbitEngine Yet another Cross-Platform, multi-API Graphics Engine written in C++11. Supports OpenGL and DirectX 11
GitHub OpenGL 3D Graphics C++
MetaCPP Generate C++ reflection information and enable serialization/deserialization with the least or -zero- manual code possible (and without RTTI)
GitHub C++ An io-style game where you control the distance of 3 orbs around you to attack or run
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Bottons A Discord and Telegram bot where you can search and play sound buttons. Made with a couple of friends
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Halite III Statistics & Analysis
Halite III Statistics & Analysis A page to analyze the bots, check statistics, records and live feeds for the Halite 2018 AI Challenge competition
Web Halite
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Salien Progress Tracker
Salien Progress Tracker A page to track the progress of the 2018 Summer sale event organized by Steam
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You can find more projects browsing my GitHub
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